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I'd Like to thank you for the Visit.  

I've been an artist and graphic designer for over 21
years. I do a wide range of professional work
including backgrounds for ads, stills and photo
touch-ups.  I also design logos for companies and
businesses that are used with screen printing,
embroidery and ASI products.  For sometime now
I've been seeing lots  of graphic and embroidery
work and it looks flat.   I  can bring depth, shape,
and background to all forms of professional
artwork including yours.  

I've also been creating personal Art since High
School.  I find that  I enjoy turning my ideas and
pictures into art  and making them look real.
like the old painting of the great masters, it can be
done with your ideas and still not cost you an arm
and a leg!!

Do you have any ideas I can bring to life for you?
Lithonia, Ga 30058
Phone: 770-331-0386
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